All Night Long - CD

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All Night Long - CD


Deke McGee
All Night Long
11 Original Tracks

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All Songs Written, Arranged and Produced by Deke McGee.

Jumpin’ Jesus Holy Cow.
Mr. Cornbread.
That’s Love.
All Night Long.
Spooks Breakfast.
Jumpin’ Out The Window.
I’m Leaving Town.
The Sweetheart Blues.
Shut Your Mouth.

“.. this is one that will stay on the CD player for a while”
CD Review - Blues Matters Magazine

"....swings like the clappers. The songs are great! We've been playing your CD in the van on our way to gigs"
The Jive Aces

"....the Guy is excellent. Often reminds me of Lee Allen. He has done his homework. I will continue to check him out"
John Firmin, The Johnny Nocturne Band

From Blues & Rhythm Magazine :
11-tracker from Glasgow-based sax maestro McGee, who has been a leading light on the scene there for over thirty years as well as touring all over the place backing up numerous blues and jazz artists. This album – 10 years in the making – consists of Deke’s own compositions, written in the spirit of classic r&b of the late 1940s, plus a couple of jazz-based instrumentals and slow blues. Deke’s tough blowing and pleasing vocals is accompanied by a fine little combo of guitar, keyboards, bass and drums. All fellow Glaswegians I presume. ‘Mr Cornbread’ is a fine tribute to the honking of Hal Singer, utilising the basic tenor riff before the band jumps in with a rollicking and infectious beat. ‘Blowout’ is another honking instrumental reminiscent of Big Jay at his best whilst ‘Jumpin’ Jesus Holy Cow’, ‘Jumpin’ Out The Window’ and ‘Shut Your Mouth’ are further examples of classic r&b/ jump blues. The best track for me is ‘The Sweetheart Blues’, a great New Orleans-flavoured number, which would have served Fats Domino proud. If you’re a fan of classic r&b as put out by the likes of Louis Jordan, Roy Milton and Joe Liggins etc, then Deke’s your man.

Tony Watson